Hydrating Fruit Infuser Bottle
Hydrating Fruit Infuser Bottle
Hydrating Fruit Infuser Bottle
Hydrating Fruit Infuser Bottle

Hydrating Fruit Infuser Bottle

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Water is the most important thing for us since dehydration may cause many problems like headaches, constipation, etc, especially for kids and old adults. To prevent dehydration, we need adequate amounts of water per day. Health authorities commonly recommend eight 8-ounce glasses, which equals about 2 liters, or half a gallon a day.

Although we all realize the importance of drinking water, most of us don't like plain water because it's not that delicious or interesting. So some people choose drinks instead, but they are full of sugars or medicals which may make you feel bad or cause overweight.

Now, this Hydrating Fruit Infuser Bottle is a lifesaver for those who don't like plain water. Help you live healthier by giving your body the hydration with vitamins and minerals in a natural and organic way! 

Large 32oz capacity, reduce filling times. Full-length infuser basket for increased flavor till the last drop, drinking water has never been so tempting.

Put what you like in the infuser, get all the hydration your body needs with the flavors you love. The infuser design means that all the fruits or veggies will be held in one place without floating around in the bottle.

It's made of premium BPA free thick plastic without any odor or plastic taste, no toxic, so it can be used safely for both adults and kids. The metal ring latch on the flip top ensures that the bottle is securely sealed and 100% leakproof.

What's more, it's very easy to use. The rubber grip on one side and molded thumb grip opposite ensure a secure grip. One hand operation is really convenient, just press the button and the lid pops open.


Will the fruit chunks come in my mouth while drinking water from this bottle?

Definitely not! It’s secured within the tube. The bottle just makes your drink taste like fruit.

Is it glass? Can I use it for a regular water bottle, and it is 32oz correct?

No, it's made of thick plastic and yes it works nicely as a regular water bottle just remove the infuser out and good size at 32oz.

Do you have to use fresh fruit in the hydrating fruit infuser water bottle or can frozen fruit be used?

You can try both and cutting it helps release flavor better than just whole. Frozen fruit also helps keep it cold. 

What is the purpose of the infuser basket? Can you just put the fruit in the bottle without it? Is it special for some reason?

Yes, you can just put the fruit in the bottle without it. The basket keeps the fruit contained so the pieces don't clog up the spout when you tip it over to drink. The 2 best things about the fruit being separated are that it is not sitting at the bottom of your bottle and you can take the fruit out with no hassle of finding a fork or spoon - while water is still in the bottle.


This is a great product! Very easy to clean. I use it twice a day and you can taste the fruit in the water. I will definitely be ordering a couple more.-Anna

Great buy!!! I LOVE these bottles!!! I bought five already...and I'm about to buy another one to give to my coworker. The bottle feels sturdy and is BPA free which is a huge plus. I love the grips on the sides. They especially come in handy when the bottle inevitably condensates.-Zelda

Ordered this because I have to drink a lot of water but hate plain water and don't want the sugars of other drinks. This infuser makes drinking water much more pleasurable and it is so much easier and neater than floating fruit in my glass.-Lisa

This is a great bottle. It is large enough to hold ice fruit and plenty of water. I work in a warehouse it is very important to keep hydrated especially with hot weather coming. we are only allowed to have water in clear containers in the warehouse. this bottle fits the bill perfectly. Since it is 32 OZs. it means fewer times I have to fill it.-May