Magic Clothes Hanger [8pcs]
Magic Clothes Hanger [8pcs]
Magic Clothes Hanger [8pcs]
Magic Clothes Hanger [8pcs]
Magic Clothes Hanger [8pcs]
Magic Clothes Hanger [8pcs]

Magic Clothes Hanger [8pcs]

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Try a more efficient way to organize garments with our Magic Clothes Hanger!

Why Do You Need This?

Do you have trouble organizing clothes? Have you found that clothes are getting more and more, but the closets are becoming smaller? Now say goodbye to all these problems, our Magic Clothes Hanger will provide you an ideal solution. I believe you will not regret buying it.

Bigger & Cleaner Closet

This magic hanger provides a space-saving solution that is perfect for any type of hanger or closet. With the size of a normal hanger, it can hold 5 clothes horizontally or vertically, thus to maximize closet space. Whether you are in the school dormitory, the small apartment, or just want to clean up your closet, it’s a perfect choice.

Better & Easier Life

If you just put your clothes causally and don’t organize them, you will find they are hard to be taken when you want to wear, and clothes are easy to get wrinkled. Imagine that you get up in the morning, but can’t find a proper one to wear, it’s that horrible? Now our magic hanger can solve your problem, just hang your garments on, then you can access them more easily, and all the clothes will be flat. Most importantly, it actually saves 80% of your closet, so no more worry about the space problems.



Are these hangers too large for children’s clothes?

Magic Clothes Hanger is designed to support any type of hanger, including children’s size hangers. You can place garments with children’s size hangers in our magic hanger, lift one of the hooks and release to save space.  

I don't understand the point of this. How does it save space?

It saves space on the hanger bar by hanging 5 items on 1 hanger when you let the right hand hook down!

When one side drops down. Is it easy to take clothes off and no put the side up?

Yes, you can find clothes more easily than just fold them together. Also, your clothes will not get wrinkled any more.

Do plastic hangers work?

Sure, they are made of thick PP material which is sturdy and durable. But we do not suggest put heavy coats on the same one, it’s better for light clothes like shirts, blouses or pants!



“My closet is a mess, I have a drawer stuffed full of shirts, and longer or fancier shirts cluttering the closet. With these it's so much easier, it says you can hang five on each, but you can really hang more like 10, two hangers fit easily in the slots, and come out fine too, and by hanging another wonder hanger on the bottom loop, you can double the space saving. I can hang more of my shirts now, and none of them have broken.”



“I love this product. I had more than enough of these to put in my closet. They actually do create more closet spaces do they’re sturdy enough to hold a lot of my shirts. I recommend.”



“This item works as expected. It is a great way to maximize storage in any closet where space is an issue. I will purchase this product again.”



“It was exactly what I needed to organize my closet. Plenty of extra space and very neat.”