Anti-Dust Handbag Storage
Anti-Dust Handbag Storage
Anti-Dust Handbag Storage
Anti-Dust Handbag Storage
Anti-Dust Handbag Storage

Anti-Dust Handbag Storage

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This Anti-Dust Handbag Storage Gadget is A Must Have for all Women!

Why Do You Need This?

We all like buying bags and purses, but organizing them is a BIG PROBLEM. They are space-consuming, easy to get dirty and wrinkled. And now our Anti-Dust Handbag Storage Gadget offers a perfect solution. 

The two-sided design allows you to store 6 bags for one, and it's space saving, only need 3 or 4 coats' space, perfect for all closets.

Besides, since it's dustproof you can hang it behind the door, on the wall or anywhere you like if there isn't enough space for your closets. And your purses will be protected perfectly.

 Bigger & Cleaner Closet

Say goodbye to the closet mess with this gadget. You don't have to put your bags everywhere, and take up too much space. Just Hang this gadget on the closet, put your handbags in, and you will find much space is definitely saved so you can get a Bigger & Cleaner Closet. 

Better & Easier Life

Finding the bag that you want from a bunch of messy bags in the morning is hard. And our gadget is ready to solve your problem, the transparent compartment is easier to access that you can get the bag quickly. Therefore, your life quality is getting better and better.


Does it take up much space cause my closet is small?

According to our customers’ feedbacks, at least 2 handbag storages can be put on most of their closets, taking up space of only 5-6 coats. Therefore, it may not satisfy all your handbag storing requirements if you have lots of handbags or small closet space, but it can organize and protect your favorite handbags at least. And if you don't have enough space in cosets, you can hang it on the wall, behind the door, or anywhere you like.

What’s the size of it? Can I hold large purses?

Length: 35 inches(90cm), Width:13inches(33cm), each compartment is 10 inches (26cm) long * 6inches(15cm) wide. Refer to this size and decide which size of bags can be put in.

Is this machine washable?

We do not suggest machine washing since the iron hooks on the top may damage the washing machine.

Does the hanger swivel? I only have space to hang on valet pull out and want to be able to see handbags.

Yes, it is 360° swivel, you can swivel any angles you like to see handbags.

Are there any requirements for closets' size cause my closet is small?

I bet it’s ideal for any size of closet especially for a small one for you can better organize your bags and purses, and you can get more space of closets.


“Love it! I recommend it to all my friends. It's definitely a good investment. All my purses are big and fit perfectly”



“Love the ability to store all of my purses in one place and easily see where each is located. Highly recommend!”



“Perfect for storing handbags of all sizes without taking up much closet space.”



“Its a good product for the ladies who throw their bags everywhere in the house. A good way to organize the Handbags.”



 “I love this item. Bought 2, they do take up quite a bit of room hanging in the closet, but the fact that they hold so many bags and get them in an organized space is so worth it. Definitely, recommend this!”